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Micro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320 Ref. No. 08028
・Screen flame : approx. 320 x 320mm (approx. 12.5" x 12.5"), approx. 380 x 380mm (14.9" x 14.9") for MAX
・Printing area : approx. 150 x 150mm (approx. 5.9" x 5.9"), 180 x 180mm (7" x 7") for MAX
・Squeegeeing : rotary liner drive in AC servomotor
・Squeegeeing speed : MAX. 300mm(11")/sec.
・Squeegeeing stroke : 300mm (11") as longest
・Printing pressure setting system : air balance in vertical float type
・Clearance setting method : MAX. 10mm (0.4")
・Table resolution : XY±5(0.001mm/pulse), Z±1.5°(0.0004/pulse)
・Auto alignment : high speed for X, Y and θ axis in image processing 
・Accessory : blow box
・Power supply : AC100V 50/60Hz
・Air pressure : 0.5 to 0.8MPa
・Dimension : approx. W1065 x D1560 x H1450mm (approx. W3.6ft x D5.2ft x 4.8ft)
・Weight : approx. 350kg (approx. 773lb)

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Micro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/Used-LineMicro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/used-lineMicro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/USED-LINE
Micro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/second handMicro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/low costMicro-tec Screen Printer MTVC-320/export